Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Structural Cause, Barefoot Running, Rash Finally Gone

This image is subtle, but it shows the area between my shoulder blades, it is somewhat sunken in. I tried to do a back handspring when I was about 8 and landed on my head. I felt no symptom at the time but was worried about long term effects, even then. As I have tried just about every lung remedy available, with little if any effect, I am beginning to realize that addressing my problem structurally may be the key. There is very little to be found on COPD without emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and even less with it related to central nervous/spinal issues. I am seeing a Dr. near Tampa at the Quantum Vitality Center. He has some high and low tech apparatus' to address my structural issues. Short wave diathermy, decompression, electrotherapy, and PulStar chiropractic.

After reading "Born To Run" by Chris McDougal, I was inspired to try barefoot running. I struggle so much as it is with running and breathing, that I thought anything that could make it more effortless, would be worth trying. It was a little painful at first, although I remember wanting to run on my toes when I began running over 30 years ago. With the Vibram shoes (they offer no cushion or support, just a little protection), one must run on ones toes, it is too awkward and painful to run heel first. Strangely, I also developed large red callus-like spots on my "lung" area of the ball of both feet. They begin to hurt at the end of a 30 minute run, and then the pain goes away. Running this way, does allow me to run just a bit more effortlessly, so I can at least remain running, although often slowly, even when my lungs are not so good.

I am still taking serrapeptase, but a stronger version. I am trying this Lung Flush also.

The photo of the rash is from when it was at its worst a month or so ago. This rash lasted about 5 months and confounded 2 conventional doctors. My instincts suggested that is was due to my sinuses clearing residue from decades of conventional meds and infections. Maybe I was right.