Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blood Analysis and Possibly a Healing Response

Today I had a nutritional blood analysis at a local health
food store. It was found that I had a little trouble digesting protein, a had some fungus in my blood, and a little uric acid crystals and some spicules that indicate a congested/stressed liver. These problems could be remedied with some probiotics, digestive enzymes, milk thistle (for the liver) and oil of oregano for the fungus.
These little improvements may make my blood just a little more efficient at moving and getting the oxygen where it needs to go.

My red blood cells looked good. I had a feeling they would be plentiful and healthy, or with my lung function, I would be in big trouble. I attribute that to my dedication to working out. With my lung poor function, it is as if I am at altitude, so my blood has to pick up some of the slack.

I am continuing to take the serrapeptase, and was able to shake a recent sinus infection, and can go 24 hours before I must use my Symbicort (it is supposed to be used every 12). I have found that I respond much better to the conventional meds when I take only what my body suggests I need. Otherwise, I tend to have side effects and less relief of symptoms. This rash that I have been experiencing for the past few weeks, is not bumpy, just red, slightly swollen and itchy. I have not had one like it ever. It seems to be on my face just over where my sinuses are--I am hoping it is some kind of healing response and indication that I am getting past some of the sinus issues.

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