Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Change in Diet, Running Intervals and Trying to be Competitive

I took the ALCAT food sensitivity test in July and discovered that there was a host of foods that I had been eating as staples that my blood indicated were irritants for me (corn, coconut, potato, apple, banana) . This sort of reaction results in a kind of "toxic overload" that can manifest in a variety of ways over various lengths of time. "Food sensitivity" is not to be confused with a full blown allergic reaction, which is much more rapid, though generally short-lived. The psychic had been correct about the wheat (not gluten) being a problem for me, so it was an advantage to have been limiting that for several months before the other foods were eliminated. It turns out that I had begun to take something that I had had a severe sensitivity to--mussel extract. And interestingly, I had been doing very badly when I began to take it, but had attributed it to the climate and air in Chicago; whereas it likely had more to do with that supplement. It is so complicated to try to determine what of the myriad things anyone may be exposed to that could be creating the problem.

Shortly after the Chicago trip, I saw my lung specialist and increased my medications. I began to feel better due to that as well as the diet changes. With the advice of my husband, I began to change my running workout to include more interval training. I can now do speeds up to 12.4 mph for a minute at a time, and 10 mph for a mile. Gaining this ability, improved my pulse rate and oxygen uptake (no doubt) and fostered the idea that I may be able to compete in a race again. This proved to be a deluded idea, as I am able to pull off a good run under the very controlled conditions on a treadmill; but an outdoor race, with all the variables: heat, adrenaline, unfamiliar course--proved to be beyond what I could manage well. I appeared to go into oxygen debt after the first mile, and could not recover, having to walk intermittently to finish 5K at 28.37. I was 6th in my age group, but it was a small race. Overall, I felt pretty badly about it. I had unintentionally gotten excited about the times I had been running on the treadmill: 20.44 had been my best, so I could not help but be disappointed. Though I need to be grateful that I can run at all with my condition. I am happy that now I am able to blow more 300+ peak flows than I had in years, and I am trying to wean myself back to a lower conventional medicine dosage.

Just after the ALCAT, I began to see another chiropractor that uses muscle testing and Standard Process supplements to correct organ system imbalances. I am taking some supplements to improve my thyroid, and adrenal function. My lungs seem to be improving though my entire body is extremely fatigued; perhaps from the correction of these problems.

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