Saturday, June 16, 2012

Waiting for BT

I do not post frequently because most of the time I continue to struggle with little change in my condition.  I am grateful that it does not get too much worse, that apparently some of the alternatives that I have initiated are helping me to stay that way.  Right now I am not able to run more than a few 45 second intervals within a 20 or 30 minute walk on a treadmill.  I use this WellnessPro 2000 every few days in an attempt to get my lung cells to repair and behave more normally.  It is tedious, as the cycle of frequencies take about 3 hours to complete.

I continue to see my 5-elements acupuncturist, but she is only in town once per month.  I have been trying Neumactil Bio Gel--it is rubbed onto my chest and neck nightly.  I have been dealing with a sinus infection since May 17 and have not had to resort to taking prednisone (which is atypical for me). The R-Lipoic acid and BioAstin are anti-oxidants, and the Himalayan salt inhaler I am trying to see if it can help my sinuses and lungs generally.  I still take serrapeptase, iodoral, and an vegetarian/algae omega 3 supplement; Ovega-3.

 I am have added another pulmonary specialist at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL in order to try to have a Broncial Thermoplasty procedure.  Just now I am attempting an appeal to my insurance company in order to overturn a denial.  I continue to need to switch around my conventional medications because they lose their effectiveness over time.  Now I am using Xopenex 2-4x per day and Qvar40 2-4x per day.  I seem to have a problem with the long acting bronchodilators, so I am avoiding those.  The Xopenex works well, however the effect wears off in a few hours and with the Qvar I will up the dose as I have more problems maintaining my peak flow; it ranges  from 150-300 daily both being rare, it typically stays close to 200.  I feel okay to exercise when it is around 250.

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