Friday, October 19, 2012

Things That Have Not Helped and Those That Might

 I tried Respitrol for over 3 months with no significant effect.  The same has been true with the T. Asthmatica supplement.  I still take the Astazanthan,  R-Lipoic Acid, and Serrapeptase supplements--those are for more general well-being; though the serrapeptase may someday have a more obvious effect on the scar tissue in my lungs.  I have added the three Native Remedies pictured.  I believe if I stick to some form of homeopathic, perhaps I can undue some long term damage over time.

I have installed an EarthCalm EMF protection device in my home, just incase I am overly exposed, thus hindering my ability to heal.
I have installed a Q-Link personal energy harmonizing device on myself--I have noticed frogs become very calm when I pick them up while wearing this.

I am still waiting for an administrative hearing for the Bronchial Thermoplasty--I am in the process of getting a self-pay quote from the Cleveland Clinic, as I do not feel I can wait much longer.  If my function falls much further, I will no longer be a good candidate.

I can't really fly/paraglide right now, or travel--the air/chemicals in hotels and strange places do a number on my breathing. I can still kayak and workout--though only short intervals of running.

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